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People in this world suck...

So today I wake up to venture off to class and it's goddamn winter wonderland bullshit outside.. well.. then James's girlfriend comes screaming in the house...mind you, at 8 am... saying ALL OF HER CHRISTMAS PRESENTS AND HER CLOTHES WERE STOLEN OUT OF MY BROTHER'S CAR! Can you believe that shit?? They moved all of James's stuff into the front seat and stole all of hers...and left my brothers CD player and took James's cell phone... I can't believe someone would do that to... they BROKE into my brother's car... but they mostly got her dirty clothes... I feel so bad for her. I can't believe the people in this world... especially around Christmas time.. whoever did it should be ashamed of themsevles... yeah mind you, I'm not at class.. yeah ... woodward was backed up from McNicholes all the way into Ferndale.. I said FUCK IT and I turned around and came home... I hate school right now, I hate everything.. this whole fucking world sucks.. talk about a fucking bad day.. yea and on top of that I have to go to work at 4.. but I need cash... I'm almost done with Christmas Shopping.. fabulous.

I can't wait til this semester is over with.. I need a break.. sheesh....now I'm all ready with no place to go... oh well.. atleast I ran into Rob coming home from class.. he was at CRHILLS buying jewelery stuff for his class.

Everyone is yelling at each other... this day is aweful.. I just wanna sleep forever.. and I want the damn snow to stop so I can actually drive places!! Why can't life be simple.... ugh... if I only had a sleigh.. then I could get anywhere without any problem in the snow!!! .. Fat chance.

P.S. It's still snowing.
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