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"If I could TURN BACK TIME!!!"

IF... I was only Cher. I, life and the entire universe would be...complete.

On to more realistic issues...

School is over.. I have 2 finals on Monday and Tuesday.

Some people who read this can kiss my ass...

What else bites ass? Oh yes, manipulative people.. mm hmm, they suck. Lets put BIG LIARS on that list too..gotcha.

I don't work today, splendid. I am going shopping for a wee-bit. I am on a mission for a dress... I have a party to go to...and I must be ravishing... then I must proceed to purchase my Mother's Christmas present.

Erin Garrant, my dahling, there are many ups to not having any emotions... for example, the ability to be a big bitch and not give a damn! I love-ith you. WE MUST do something over the Holidays.. please do give me a ring or send me notive via E-mail...or if you want, send a fax.

Now, I must depart. Au revoir!
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