Tina (overcomeyou) wrote,

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I found a dress

...it's not my fault I'm better than you.

Hey Matina, I loveith you. See you at da club w/ Devon...sista, you KNOW he isda fauuinest brutha in here...

DAMMIT for my final I have to write a comprehensive essay. DAMN IT ALL TO HELL. DAMN YOU TOO!

I like Rob, but only when he posts in his livejournal ;) I'm kiddin' baby.. I loves ya all the timeses.

As of TOMARROW, my birthday is in a week.. whatcha gunna get me? DECEMBER 23!
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EXCUSE ME GIRL!??! Devon is MAH man...I DO NOT know what ur thinking!!!...lol
GURL you best be taken tha up wit mah gurl MaTINA! I aint up in dat shit k?
Well I'll talk to her then cause laast time I checked...we was togetha ok?!?!

What do u want for ur birthday any ideas?!..call me!