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Art History is in Computer Lab C today...

....blah, I'm on break.. I got til 1:25... then art history.. just across the room really...

Hey I remember that one day when my space bar wasn't working.. thank god I'm upstairs now.

I'm drinking orange juice and eating animal crackers...they say only 2 grams of fat, but they taste so good they have to be lying...I have a pop tart too.. but what I really want is mostacholi...I can't say that word...nope not for nothin

There are all these people comming now... no one better bug me.. or I'll go nuts.. naw, I'm just playin..

Oh, I am such an ass.. I just dropped four animal crackers on the floor...and I hope no one saw me fumble to ketch my cookies.....which I didn't... curses!

HOT GUY ALERT!...maybe I'll ketch him and save him for Matina...

Perhaps he can be UPSed?

I love Robbie... we're carving pumpkins today..

That's all, you're dismissed.
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