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it's 9:39 am I'm up.....

Well .. yesterday was Thanksgiving... how does that make me feel? Mmm pretty good...considering I had 2 dinners.. yep.. first I went to Rob's and ate their yummy food there and then we came back to my house... it was good.. but I was so full my the time that I got done with it, I thought I might die! Well, we rented Kate and Leopold.. UGH what a wonderful movie!!!! I loved it!!! I've been wanting to see it forever now.

Also, I had this dream that I had this peculiar boyfriend that I did not want and I couldn't figure out how to get rid of him...he was telling me he loved me compulsively.. it was terrible... and I also had my wisdom teeth pulled and they had to keep shoving gauze in the mouth...and I think it was my manager who was my dentist. Hahahahaaa and .....oh damn I forgot.

I need to get my Christmas stuff in order..

oh, by the way people my birthday is DECEMBER 23!!!!!!!
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